Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney with Care...

 So how cute is this image?  Seriously?  Mo has done it again!  My favorite part of this image is the little doggie.  What do you think Santa is going to bring him for being so good?  I love the way that Mo incorporates animals into her images.  Sometimes it's a dog and when I'm lucky, it's a cat.  LOL.  But we know why Mo didn't draw this one with a kitty...kitties don't even bother with stockings because they're too naughty for presents.  Heehee.  I added a little bit of glitter with my Martha Stewart glitter markers, but the photography isn't picking it up.  Maybe I should stop taking my pictures at night?!  LOL. 
I tried a different color scheme on this one.  Verdict? I can't tell which one I like better.
I made this one a little bit smaller  than the other two which are 6 inch squares.  On this one I put a little flock on the top of the stockings.  I love that stuff!  It adds something special AND  it helps distract from coloring blunders.  LOL. 

Thanks for looking!


susan said...

I think they are all pretty but I like the middle one the best. I like the little boy in his blue pj's. So cute! I love it when they are that young and wear those. Great coloring job on all three cards. Ah! The "healing powers" of FLOCK! LOL! I have used it many times for the same reasons. He he he!

Lola said...

I can't pick a favorite out of the three. There's something I like in each one.

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