Monday, September 28, 2009

Another book mark?

After my prolonged absence from the blogosphere I'm back!.......with yet ANOTHER bookmark from Mo's Digital Pencil.  Heehee. You're probably wondering when I'm going to make something else.  Patience dear readers...or should I say reader?  More stuff is coming. 

This bookmark is for another friend of mine in graduate school.  We grad students do a TON of reading.  If I had such a cozy nook to do my reading in it might not feel like such a chore! 

My aplogies for the poor photo quality.  The sun hasn't visited GA in a few weeks. (Although there's a chance it pop in for a quick visit tomorrow! )

Thanks for looking! 


susan said...

I really like this one! Nice vibrant colors and the paper, ribbon and blue punched strip all match so nicely. Your friend will be proud to show this off! Opening a book that has such a beautiful bookmark will make reading a lot more enjoyable. Good job!

Lola said...

I love the blue and brown color scheme. Light blue, my favorite.

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